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The Essentials of Infrared Post Processing


The renaissance of infrared - A new approach - Create beautiful rich tones

Infrared photography has experienced a renaissance of the past few years, and aspect2i has been one of the forerunners teaching and celebrating this genre of photography.

​​​​The most common approach to infrared image editing is the to create an image that is stark black and white image with and high contrast with the foliage being rendered almost white and blue skies almost solid black. This is one approach that we can all adopt, but we think there is far more to explore!

​​Over the last eight years Paul Gallagher and Michael Pilkington have been refining and fine tuning an approach to infrared image editing that produces images and prints that often have been described as having that “dark room print” look. 

The Essentials of Infrared Post Processing

Simplicity at it's best

The starting point is often a raw file with a bluish/ reddish cast, that when converted to black and white, leaves the photographer with a vast plethora of choices.

​​It is these choices that we share with you on this online class and we show you how to create beautifully subtle black and white infrared images that display sumptuous mid tones, with glowing shadows and gentle highlights. We also keep the approach simple.

There is no need at all to make this process over complicated in Lightroom or Photoshop, and the techniques we share allow you to steadily reveal the true potential of your files.

Here is what you get with this course

18 comprehensive videos to explain how to post process infrared images
Get a better understanding of how to capture IR images in the field
Other supporting learning material
An online school community and teachers so you can ask your questions and get answers
Tuition from two master infrared photographers

Learn at your own pace
Lifetime Access
30 day money back guarantee

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The Essentials of Infrared Post Processing


From the authors of the highly acclaimed book

In Another Light - An Exploration of Landscape Infrared Photography

At aspect2i we don't only teach you how to use image editing tools but we also teach you when and why to use the different tools and how to interpret and process infrared raw files to create fine art prints. We have been teaching infrared photography for over a decade and are acknowledged as leaders in this field.  Our videos are to the point and will tell you everything you need to know without over complicating things.  You are in good hands.

Meet our core team

Paul Gallagher

Author of 4 books and with over 30 years experience photographing the great outdoors you are in good hands.  Paul is an acclaimed black and white photographer and has translated the best of dark room practices into the digital world.

Lee Filters Master & Benro Pro Partner

Michael Pilkington

Author, photography press columnist, and principal lecturer for the Epson Print Academy, Michael has been a professional landscape photographer for over a decade. He is regarded as a Master Printer and sought after speaker.

Lee Filters Master & Benro Pro Partner

Our students love us

Your enthusiasm has been infectious and has given my IR work a real impetus which I'm sure will give me great pleasure now I have a better idea of what I should be aiming for.
I got a lot from this enjoyable course  has re-ignited my photographic mojo!
Paul and Michael have a really unique approach to infrared.  It is fine art - subtle and revealing without shouting at you IR!
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The Essentials of Infrared Post Processing


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