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The Essentials of Photoshop


The use of Photoshop is often regarded as the tool of the professional and too complicated and unwieldy for many photographers to consider. This is understandable with so many image editing software platforms out there on offer, some are even free!

The aim of this workshop is to eliminate all but the essential functionality of Photoshop and cherry-pick the best tools needed for a simple but incredibly useful workflow. We fully embrace the use of Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, but alone they don't have some of the highly useful methods that, even to this day, are only available in Photoshop itself.

If after all these years of Photoshop, you still view it as ‘over the top’ or unnecessary, then this workshop will teach you an essential set of tools and techniques that have been simplified by us over many years and many thousands of images.

The Essentials of Photoshop

 Let's keep it simple 

​​We are by no means intending to explore the highly technical approaches often seen on You Tube videos from around the world, but enlighten you to the wonderfully complimentary tools that we use side by side with Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw to bring about subtle but powerful improvements to your finished photographs in a simple and effective way.

Here is what you get with this course

23 videos to explain how to navigate and understand Photoshop tools and techniques
Learn new tips and techniques
Other supporting learning material
An online school community and teachers so you can ask your questions and get answers
Tuition from two master landscape photographers

Learn at your own pace
Lifetime Access
30 day money back guarantee

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The Essentials of Photoshop


 This course shows you the essential Photoshop for you as a photographer 

At aspect2i we don't only teach you how to use Photoshop but we also teach you when and why to use the different tools.  This brings understanding.  You will learn what are the most essentials tools in Photoshop and how to create beautiful images.  We have been teaching post processing and printing for over a decade to hundreds of people.  Our videos are to the point and will tell you everything you need to know without over complicating things.  You are in good hands.

Meet our core team

Paul Gallagher

Author of 4 books and with over 30 years experience photographing the great outdoors you are in good hands.  Paul is an acclaimed black and white photographer and has translated the best of dark room practices into the digital world.

Lee Filters Master & Benro Pro Partner

Michael Pilkington

Author, photography press columnist, and principal lecturer for the Epson Print Academy, Michael has been a professional landscape photographer for over a decade. He is regarded as a Master Printer and sought after speaker.

Lee Filters Master & Benro Pro Partner

Our students love us

The Essentials of Photoshop online workshop was a great experience. Very well thought out and presented and packed with spot on target, relevant information. The videos are just the right length to learn about their subject.
The course videos where well produced and instructive and I learned a lot of techniques and methods of working through Photoshop that had previously eluded me. Also, I still have the online course work to
look up and refresh the memory.

II now have the confidence and know how to amongst other things use layers and curves to make localised adjustments on images and to use content aware fill to remove distractions from images. Also, I can straighten horizons, remove halos and use layer masks. Money well spent.
Don't hesitate

The Essentials of Photoshop


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