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Making the Print


The final goal is the print! - Get it right, save money - A clear path to successful prints

As photographers, often our main aim is to share our work with others. We dedicate time to getting out there with our cameras and explore whatever genre that inspires us, but the ultimate aim is to finish this journey with a finished image, and often, a finished print that we can be proud of sharing.

​​​​We have been teaching printing for over a decade and seen many examples of the pitfalls these final stages can present to a photographer at the very moment they are keen to make a print. As we all know, the cost of making prints is a sensitive issue with the associated cost of media and inks so we have set out an all-encompassing way of helping you achieve the very best from your finished image and get it to your printer with the least amount of disappointment.

​​​​During the course we will break down the individual steps that will set out an easy way to navigate this often technical and confusing final stage of making a wonderful finished image.

Making the Print

Printing made simple

​​This course is tailored to help you and has been carefully designed to simplify this subject and enable you to be more confident at understanding each stage necessary to making exhibition quality prints both in colour and black and white.

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21 videos to explain how to make exhibition quality prints

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An online school community and teachers so you can ask your questions and get answers
Tuition from two master printers

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Making the Print


 Exhibition quality prints every time - know how from two master printers 

We have been teaching post processing and printing for over a decade to hundreds of people.  Our videos are to the point and will tell you everything you need to know without over complicating things.  You are in good hands.

Meet our core team

Paul Gallagher

Author of 4 books and with over 30 years experience photographing the great outdoors you are in good hands.  Paul is an acclaimed black and white photographer and has translated the best of dark room practices into the digital world.

Lee Filters Master & Benro Pro Partner

Michael Pilkington

Author, photography press columnist, and principal lecturer for the Epson Print Academy, Michael has been a professional landscape photographer for over a decade. He is regarded as a Master Printer and sought after speaker.

Lee Filters Master & Benro Pro Partner

Our students love us

I would never of thought that this could be taught online - it can!  I have learnt quite a lot and am very happy.
I can safely say that I would never have got to this point without doing the course having struggled intermittently for months but always failing to get anything I was happy with.
Great videos and sharing of knowledge and experience.  Highly recommended!
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Making the Print


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